Old Blog entry: changes to work & 1st time camping

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Goodness, it's been a month?! Time flies way too quickly. It's even more terrifying thinking that it'll be exactly a year since I've moved here in August. It doesn't feel that long at all, yet I feel like I've lived here for a long time.

There has been quite a few changes to my work recently, though. Firstly, the supervisor for English education in my town changed as of April, and she is absolutely fantastic. Unlike the previous one, her English is practicaly native (she used to live for over 9 or 10 years in America, I think), and because of her long stay overseas, she is much more aware and open and well...easy to talk to. No offence to the previous guy (who apparently had lived abroad in South Africa for 2 years), but she actually does her job. She is technically retired and used to be a headteacher at a school, meaning that her experience is top notch as well. The best thing is, she talks to me, and asks me about my work, and asks me about any problems I have. I was able to share some worries I had at 2 of my schools since I arrived last year, and now 1 of them is solved! The other problem is still in process...it's a little akward, but I'm only happy that things are much better at 1 of the schools I go to! Basically, the problem was that the teachers didn't use me for hardly any of the lessons and I used to sit in the staffroom all day doing nothing. Then suddenly this week, on both the days I went to the school I had about 4 or 5 lessons - the most I've ever had at that school since I came! It's quite funny really. Like, "Why now?"

Summer is finally here in Hokkaido, and it is gorgeous. Ironically today it's pouring down with rain, but the past few days has seen warm sun, light breeze and fields of beautiful flowers. I do feel like I live in a postcard.

My family from England are coming to visit at the end of July, and I'm really looking forward to it  I can't wait for my dad and my other brother, who didn't come visit last summer, to see my lovely town!

This weekend will be my first experience of camping. Oh noe'z.
It's the "HAJET" [Hokkaido Association for JETs (English teachers)] summer meeting, and we're all tenting out in a place called Shinshinotsu 新篠津村, including a barbecue, drinking, onsen [hot springs], sports (if we like it :p) and a short rendition of the Musical. Yep. Just as I thought I could clear it out of my head, I find myself mumbling over my lines again, as well as lyrics and dance routines. Still, it's light-hearted in that the script has been cut down a lot, and it's ok if we don't get the lines exactly right (though the perfectionist in me says I need to keep each word exact). I don't mind though; I do enjoy it after all.
The sleeping-outside-in-a-tent business though...? We'll see. I shall cry if the heavens decide to open up on us though. Looking at the weather today, I dread to think...