My Birthday

It's been a crazy few weeks again; or months, rather.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially aged another 12 months.
But I sure don't feel like my age.

But then again, how do you "feel" an age?
I leave that deep, thoughtful question to whoever reads this ramble of a blog :D

Anywho, it's also been just over a year since I started this job and moved and lived in Japan. The thought is rather frightening, really. Time spun by so fast, especially these last few months; winter seemed to drag.
I'm happy to stay another year here, but I admit I'm slightly dreading the winter again... Could be worse though. The winter really is the only slight downfall living here, otherwise, everything is perfect

My family from England came and visited me a few weeks ago to my humble little town, and we stayed in 4 different pensions over the 5 days they were here. The pensions were all sweet little places, with amazing food. All 4 were completely different, but they were all lovely. I went back with my family to Tokyo afterwards (as they were staying at my grandparents' house), and though my dad and 1 of my brothers left for the UK 2 days later, I spent about a week and a half with my mum and youngest brother, as well as my grandparents and meeting friends. I enjoyed it as usual, though the heat in Tokyo...geeze. It was 10 degrees different to the temperature in Hokkaido! In saying that, I'm sort of used to Tokyo's summers from visiting almost every year, and to be honest, I think it could've been worse. Just goes to show how much I prefer and can handle the heat to the cold.

I came back to Hokkaido 2 days ago though my mum and brother are still in Japan, as I didn't want to use up all my paid holiday. I shall miss them a lot, as I do miss all my wonderful friends in the UK, but there is still so much I want to do here and so much I want to experience that I don't feel homesick at all and I wouldn't want to go back yet.

Another year on my age, another year on this job, another year in Japan...
I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do after this; whether to do another year of this job, stay in Japan, go back to England or even go to another country - who knows?
I realise I need to start looking at my choices though.

Either way, I'm going to enjoy the present to the full.
As tonight, my dear friends are holding a party for me, including kareoke!
Get your electric sunglasses and sparkly wands out, it's partay time.