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T'was the season...

Or perhaps it still is the season, seeing as we technically have 12 days left after the 25th.

Christmas came and went again this year. I actually had a proper Western-style Christmas dinner with turkey and mince pies in what had been 2 years, including smidgens of American culture of pumpkin pie. A big group of us gaijins got together and had this big dinner on the night of Christmas Eve. It was a lovely day, and it actually felt like Christmas a little bit. Still didn't beat the Christmas feeling I'd get back home, though.

On the Japanese cultural side of things, New Year is coming, along with the Bounenkai season. I have that tonight my two co-workers in my favourite city in Hokkaido; Sapporo. An all-you-can-eat shabu shabu (i.e. MEAT) for just under 2000yen. Heavenly.

This past month has been a ridiculously busy time for me. I had two orientations, or "business trips" as I like to call them - one in Chiba for 3 days for my actual job, and one in Shiga near Kyoto for 5 days for the Interpreting and Translation course I am currently taking. Both were of course, intellectually satisfying (though interpreting for 5 days straight really wore me out), but all the more better was meeting a lot of wonderful people, visiting Disneyland in Chiba, touring Kyoto and clubbing in Osaka. I loved Kansai so much, in fact, that I've planned a second visit in the middle of January, as I felt that I didn't have enough time to look round Osaka, and also because the clubbing scene there was fantastic, and Sapporo just doesn't do it enough justice. What can I say, I love to drink dance ♥