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Resolute to a Revolution.

Successfully surviving the apocalypse, the millennium, our computing systems turning back on us (or is that still to come?), I think our world has done pretty well to get to 2013 and managing to get through the first month. Aside from all the continuing tragic news over the world...not that it changes much every year.

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent New Year at my Obaachan's house in Tokyo.We spent a quiet day indoors, eating too much of good food, but not going all out - in Japan, if a relative has passed away in the previous year, it is seen as a sign of respect to have a toned down New Year celebration as if in mourning...something that baffles me a little about Japanese culture as I'm the type that always likes to look ahead and be positive. Don't get me wrong, grieving is important, but I think there's only so much you can do. Grief won't bring them back, after all.

Anyway, here are a few snaps of the food we had.

Lover of pink, hater of pink eye.

I'm infected.


In my left eye. This has been my situation (looking badass in an eyepatch) for the past few days;


The fact that my eyes are tiny anyway, and that my right eye has to squint due to closing my left makes me look even more lard monster hardcore.

It appears that I have conjunctivitis (pink eye). Or, it is what I believe I have, as the doctor I went to see never exactly said what I had (seems very typically Japanese of them, but whatever).

I noticed my eye was horribly bloodshot on Saturday night, and it was bulging by Sunday morning. Still, as I was performing at a gig that day (read on for more info on that), I chose vanity over practicality and stuffed my contact lenses in, whacked on the eye make-up and used my fringe to hide the red mess.

Not a great idea.

A year older, none the wiser.

Yes, I've started blogging again, somewhat. I hadn't meant to neglect it, I just hadn't had the time to sit down and write any entries. I'd start writing them out, then never finish them, and end up with a ton of draft posts. Which is why, as you may have noticed, I have begun to resort to "mobile (or cellphone, if you will) posts". Over at my Japanese blog, I post mostly using my keitai (mobile) which meant my posts were much more frequent as it's easier, and I find that I'm out and about more than sitting at home.
I thought I would do the same with this blog, and I find that Blogger lets you do mobile posts. They'll be shorter, as typing out long entries in English on a Japanese non-smart-phone would have my thumb shrieking for a break, but they'll have pictures though I have to edit them a bit afterwards. All in all, it'll make my Blog perhaps a little more interesting and productive, and most importantly, ALIVE.. I'll still post lengthy entries with real-ACTUAL-words-zomg from time to time, but in between, it is much easier to be a lazy-arse and text "Today I did this and this la-di-da" with my phone.

As one can see from my last few posts, if anyone has, my mum and brothers came to stay for a few days. On the day before they left, we went to "Shiroi Koibito Park" in Sapporo. Hokkaido is full of goodness when it comes to edibles, and "Shiroi Koibito" is one of their most famous and top souvenirs from Sapporo. And, as with any selling merchandise or food, they have a somewhat amusement park for it, which was, well, as the name goes, "Shiroi Koibito Park".

We iced cookies. See?