MOS Burger : healthier fast food

My lunch today: Gochisou “feast” salad with buta shabu (pork slices) & rye bread at MOS burger. 

And for dessert, a tomato jelly! Healthy, reasonably priced & delicious!

Salad & roll set ¥420
Tomato jelly ¥390

These are "seasonal specials" so if you want to try it, now is the time :)

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Ethical Skincare Review : LUSH

As of about a month ago I have been trying out a face care line by LUSH.

I have very dry skin, so I used what I was recommended by the store staff. 

didn't break out and so it wasn't like the products didn't suit my skin, but the overall result was a "hmm" for me.
Below are reviews of each product in detail.

Cleansing products:

Make up Remover 'Ultrabland' 45g¥1,700
Rating: 4/5

Definitely reccommended for those with dry skin!
According to the store staff you massage it on your face, then wipe it off with cotton soaked with a little toner water. I used the toner water I bought to use after cleansing (see below) but the store lady said she suggests using their tea tree water, which I can understand as tea tree is known to help fight spots, wounds and generally improves the skin condition.
I loved how soft my skin felt after, even before adding any moisturiser!
I will absolutely consider using this again, and I would like to try it with their tea tree water next time.

Let the good times roll face wash (free sample)
Rating: 3/5

Advertised as a "daily scrub", I could see how even those with dry skin like myself could use it every day without the worry of a skin dry out. My skin felt soft after use, and I adored the smell. Oddly it's sweet corn, but it had a gentle sweet scent that still wafted about me even after a few hours and when I had done my make up.
My personal problem was just that I am do used to a foaming soap wash, so just dying a scrub every day made me feel like I wasn't quite cleaning my face...I'm sure it was clean, though I didn't really see any major improvements with my pores or blackheads either.

Moisturising products:

Breath of Fresh Air Toning Water 100g ¥1,030
Rating: 2/5

After using LUSH face care, I assumed that most of the moisturising is done by their creams, so their toners don't do much of that. However, this toner really didn't do me much good in hydrating my skin.
The smell was heavenly; fresh like the ocean, but even when I splashed a lot of it over my face my kin just sucked it in & still felt pretty dry.
If I were to use it again, I would provably use it to carry round with me to refresh or hydrate my face during the day, especially during the warmer seasons.

Full of Grace moisturusing serum 20g ¥1,090
Rating: 3/5

This serum was unquie being in "bar" form so it was fun to use! It did feel a little like I was rubbing soap over my face, but it leave a soft, somewhat moisturising texture on my face. As it was a solid bar, it was like a massage tool too. But, I didn't really like the feel of my skin afterwards. In an odd way my skin felt "waxy" and "slippery" rather than smooth. I did love the rose scent from it though.
I can't say for sure if it improved the condition if my skin as I did get a few small pimples whilst I was using it, yet they stayed small and disappeared after a few days and perhaps didn't inflate or get as sore as they usually do.

Celestial moisturising cream 45g ¥2,870
Rating: 1/5

This cream was super rich, but considering it was it didn't seem to do much hydrating! After applying it my face felt sticky and almost greasy. In fact, when I placed my full fringe back over my forehead it became greasy just from touching my creamed-up skin.
If I were ever to use it again, I would use it as a night cream, and when I don't have a fringe, eheh.

Note this is just my personal experience! 
Please try them out for yourselves and support the ethical brand LUSH :)

Officially started a diet

I have tried & failed over the years in losing weight & getting into shape but I am determined to succeed this time.

To be honest I don't want to have my measurements on display, but I think it would lead to motivation.

According to the day before yesterday:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 10.1 stone
Body fat: 26.3%

In terms of my BMI I'm in the "mid-average", but I would like to aim for a "low average".

The main area I would like to lose weight is my tummy, as that is where I put it on. I don't seem to put any on my arms or legs, or even my hips funnily enough. I therefore result in a child-like, unattractive body frame :/

As you can see, though I obviously hid my tummy.

I'm going to be realistic - I will never have beautiful curves like a lot of ladies, so I'm going to work with what I've got & aim for a flatter stomach, though I know it's probably impossible for me to get it completely flat because my hips are so small. 

Apparently the average body fat percentage for women is 22-23%, which is my goal, as well as getting a nicer bodyline. I'll be going to put on weight due to muscle, so I'm not thinking too much about that now.

Officially started as of Wednesday, and I will be posting up images and text of my progress!