Review, Renew, and Resolute.

Busy, busy, busy.

I enjoy being busy though.
And I enjoy having a silly Blog which I update freely when I want to, not really expecting anyone to read it ;)

Start of a new year again.

Reading back on my first post of 2014, it's funny to see I went through a similar experience again. 2014 wasn't the best of years either - in fact it was probably worse for me especially in terms of work, health and a few relationship issues.

I began the year with the icky skin illness 'pityriasis rosea Gibert'. The redness and itchiness stayed with me for at least 7 months, and I still have the scars and stains from it today.
The job which I enjoyed in the end of 2013 went downhill, and I quit and found a new one at the beginning at March. I was blinded by the explanations of what seemed to be an amazing place with understanding bosses, only to find that it was probably the worst place I have ever worked at. It had a lot to do with the co-workers, and the fact that the understanding bosses were far from understanding. I have never gotten so emotional or hysterical at work in my life. I'm ashamed at the way I broke down in front of my boss and co-workers, but that's how close to the edge I was.

Call it fate, but my frantic search for a new career landed me in one of the best opportunities I have ever had. Leaving "workplace from hell" at the end of July, I became a translator in the television business. The pay is the lowest of all the jobs I've had, and it is also ironically the one with the most workload. Yet in terms of experience, I am earning a lot, and I love it. Since August, I have translated a number of programmes that have been shown abroad, acted as a narrator and did voice-overs, and had business trips to Tokyo and Singapore. The best part is I have a very understanding boss and great co-workers who I have no problem working with, and I am recognised for my hard work and skills - I got a small pay raise and bonus in December!

After reviewing last year, it's time to look towards this year with my usual resolutions which I've been writing up on this blog for the past 2 years.
These are actually the same as the ones from 2013, as I wasn't able to keep them all last year.

New Blog, upcoming 27th

I'm 27 this Sunday.


I'm not much of a swearer, but these two numbers jumped up on me from nowhere.

And hello, it's a random update again.

Before I delve into the agonies of turning 3-years-before-30, I will let readers know, if any, that I have been fiddling around with my Blogs and have made a few changes. I now have 3 blogs;

  1. A Cup of Ethicalism - a new blog relating solely to my ethical lifestyle in Japan. This title used to be for my photo blog, but I found this title to be the most fitting for this content. If you are interested in how I try to live more ethically through buying fair trade, cruelty free products, and take part in charity and environmental activities in Japan, check it out yo. This will be my most updated blog of the three.
  2. My Pegasus Sky - my phobot blog, previously named 'A cup of Materialism/Ethicalism'. Content is still the same as before; full of amateur photography I've taken as a hobby. Updated whenever I want to share some pretty pictures focusing around eating out, travelling, fashion, scenery 
  3. Fish'n'Chips with Soysauce - this blog. My personal blog, and my most pointless blog I suppose now that I have decided to keep my ethical lifestyle posts separate. Random posts of life, issues I'm concerned with, and life in Japan. Updated whenever I have the urge to ramble something.
...and back to my aging issue.

For some reason, 27 to 28 doesn't sound like such a big jump, but 26 to 27 does. I'm....mature. Or should be.

It also means I have been living in Hokkaido, Japan for exactly 5 years now. It's an odd mix of feeling like I've lived here forever and feeling like I only arrived yesterday.

One thing is for sure though, is that I will probably not return to live in England.

I'm planning on posting my reasons why in a future post, for those who read this and fell off their chairs in horror.

Aside the fact that I am turning the "mature" 27, I will be having a 17yr old style birthday party. Nomihoudais at two restaurants, making a grand total of 4 hours of alcoholic beverage consuming, plus hopping to a bar and ending in a club, if I'm still standing straight. Will be spending it with some close friends and I am shamelessly looking forward to it.

Also, I have begun a new job in the translating field in TV since 2 weeks ago; pretty much my dream come true! Aside from my low pay for the first 6 months, things are going pretty good, and they are holding a kangeikai for me tonight. Two nights in a row of drinking and eating.
And yes, that diet I was talking about in my last post has been out the window for a while.

Officially started a diet

I have tried & failed over the years in losing weight & getting into shape but I am determined to succeed this time.

To be honest I don't want to have my measurements on display, but I think it would lead to motivation.

According to the day before yesterday:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 10.1 stone
Body fat: 26.3%

In terms of my BMI I'm in the "mid-average", but I would like to aim for a "low average".

The main area I would like to lose weight is my tummy, as that is where I put it on. I don't seem to put any on my arms or legs, or even my hips funnily enough. I therefore result in a child-like, unattractive body frame :/

As you can see, though I obviously hid my tummy.