New Blog, upcoming 27th

I'm 27 this Sunday.


I'm not much of a swearer, but these two numbers jumped up on me from nowhere.

And hello, it's a random update again.

Before I delve into the agonies of turning 3-years-before-30, I will let readers know, if any, that I have been fiddling around with my Blogs and have made a few changes. I now have 3 blogs;

  1. A Cup of Ethicalism - a new blog relating solely to my ethical lifestyle in Japan. This title used to be for my photo blog, but I found this title to be the most fitting for this content. If you are interested in how I try to live more ethically through buying fair trade, cruelty free products, and take part in charity and environmental activities in Japan, check it out yo. This will be my most updated blog of the three.
  2. My Pegasus Sky - my phobot blog, previously named 'A cup of Materialism/Ethicalism'. Content is still the same as before; full of amateur photography I've taken as a hobby. Updated whenever I want to share some pretty pictures focusing around eating out, travelling, fashion, scenery 
  3. Fish'n'Chips with Soysauce - this blog. My personal blog, and my most pointless blog I suppose now that I have decided to keep my ethical lifestyle posts separate. Random posts of life, issues I'm concerned with, and life in Japan. Updated whenever I have the urge to ramble something.
...and back to my aging issue.

For some reason, 27 to 28 doesn't sound like such a big jump, but 26 to 27 does. I'm....mature. Or should be.

It also means I have been living in Hokkaido, Japan for exactly 5 years now. It's an odd mix of feeling like I've lived here forever and feeling like I only arrived yesterday.

One thing is for sure though, is that I will probably not return to live in England.

I'm planning on posting my reasons why in a future post, for those who read this and fell off their chairs in horror.

Aside the fact that I am turning the "mature" 27, I will be having a 17yr old style birthday party. Nomihoudais at two restaurants, making a grand total of 4 hours of alcoholic beverage consuming, plus hopping to a bar and ending in a club, if I'm still standing straight. Will be spending it with some close friends and I am shamelessly looking forward to it.

Also, I have begun a new job in the translating field in TV since 2 weeks ago; pretty much my dream come true! Aside from my low pay for the first 6 months, things are going pretty good, and they are holding a kangeikai for me tonight. Two nights in a row of drinking and eating.
And yes, that diet I was talking about in my last post has been out the window for a while.

Officially started a diet

I have tried & failed over the years in losing weight & getting into shape but I am determined to succeed this time.

To be honest I don't want to have my measurements on display, but I think it would lead to motivation.

According to the day before yesterday:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 10.1 stone
Body fat: 26.3%

In terms of my BMI I'm in the "mid-average", but I would like to aim for a "low average".

The main area I would like to lose weight is my tummy, as that is where I put it on. I don't seem to put any on my arms or legs, or even my hips funnily enough. I therefore result in a child-like, unattractive body frame :/

As you can see, though I obviously hid my tummy.

I'm going to be realistic - I will never have beautiful curves like a lot of ladies, so I'm going to work with what I've got & aim for a flatter stomach, though I know it's probably impossible for me to get it completely flat because my hips are so small. 

Apparently the average body fat percentage for women is 22-23%, which is my goal, as well as getting a nicer bodyline. I'll be going to put on weight due to muscle, so I'm not thinking too much about that now.

Officially started as of Wednesday, and I will be posting up images and text of my progress!

The "Skin" Breakdown

Since I have new beliefs and thoughts in terms of living ethically, I am on the lookout for an ethical skin care line that matches my skin and face.

I am going to write up some simple reviews on the products I try out for reference, but before I do I thought it might best to note down what my skin is like.

Current Facial Problems
  • dry to very dry skin
  • slight dullness
  • occasional redness
  • slight bags under the eyes
  • very occasional spots and pimples
  • some blackheads and pores

My biggest problems of the above are most definitely dryness, so I really look into the moisture factor when I try out products.

Skin Colour and Genetics

Being half Japanese and half Caucasian, my mum being a little more tan and my father being super white, I think I inherited mostly my father's skin genes. Looking at pictures back when I was a baby I was pasty white with rosy cheeks. But as I got older and discovered the sun, my mum's genes kicked in and I would tan without burning red like my dad. Because I never really bothered much with sun protection, my arms naturally got darker and still a little tan, but my face and other parts of the body that I keep hidden away are still very pale.
From a Western point of view I may seem more "yellow", but from a Japanese point of view I may seem more "white".
In terms of what I aim for, it's rather confusing. Back home tan is all the rage, whereas in Japan the paler the more beautiful. Being stuck in the middle I have been back and forth with what I want, but in the end, I have settled with gaining healthy skin, and trying to enjoy both aspects; I don't mind tanning a little in the summer, and I tend to go back to being paler in the winter anyway. As a result, all that "whitening" shizzle that Japanese skin products are obsessively hyped up about, or any Western skin products that give your skin a "bronze" look doesn't do a lot for me!

Skin History

Up until I was 22, I could boast about my skin. I never had acne when I was a teenager, and although at one point in my late teens I used to slap the foundation on, I realised I didn't need it and would only wear a bit of concealer, blusher and eye make up almost every day.
However, in my second year of Japan when I was 22, with no explanation whatsoever, my face broke out in spots. The horrible thing was, the same pimples would stay and never go away, and more pimples would appear and add to it. I went to a number of dermatologists, tried to eat super healthy, looked into acne face products and the lot but it stayed for at least 6 months. When I stopped caring, it suddenly and in a short amount of time disappeared. I didn't feel any stress if it was related to that, but I am assuming there was some sort of unbalance in my hormones at the time.
Due to that saga, my skin has never really been the same. Luckily I have not had a break out since, and I only get the occasional one or two pimples, but my skin just doesn't seem to be as clear as it used to be. I know it'll be difficult to get back the skin that I used to have, as my skin has naturally aged in my late 20's, but I would like to be as close as I can to it.