Education & Learning;

  • Polyvore - where I feed my fashion appetite
  • Pinterest - a great place where I can collect together pretty things
  • Gaia online - occasionally ramble on the forums, but mostly dress my avatar up in cute stuff
  • Good Reads - it's my resolution to read more books
  • iCheckMovies - another resolution is to watch more films


Friends & Admired;

Official websites for a handful of musicians & bands I like.

Why I should not own a credit card.
  • Otacute - the place for cute crap and anime goodies, shipping to countries outside of Japan
  • Ebay - Do I need to say any more?
  • Yahoo Auctions (Japan) - I see this as the Japanese ebay.

Sites that meet my fangirl needs.
  • UMBRELLA - official site for ex-vocalist Hizumi of D'espairs Ray, now has own fashion brand. May return to the music scene.
  • Kumamon Official - site for the adoring mascot of Kumamoto prefecture

Fan-made sites.


& credits;

Sites I must thank for layouts & images.

ONE WAY : photo web material, Japanese only. NEO HIMEISM

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