An almost Pointless but Delicious night out.

Thursday evening. Saps again.
01. 02.
03. 04.

01. Came to "nana's green cafe" in Sapporo in the department centre Parco. Had wanted to visit here for a while. Love the artistic Japanese-Western mix feel.

02. Had a "Taco Rice" set, complete with a cup (note cup) of miso soup and genmai tea. Another interesting mix of Japanese meets Western, but pretty good!

03. I had a Beauty appointment but made a mistake with the time and missed it, so decided to make the most of coming out to Sapporo by going to, you guessed it, 'Melty'. Had a soya-milk green tea cocktail, and the bar owner gave me a free manjyuu.

04. It went up to 32 degrees Celsius today - very rare for up North! Perfect weather for Melty's ice-cream sundaes though, however. I was the only customer there aside from one other, so they let me have 4 extra toppings <3

05. More freebies! They had just had raspberry jam in, and said that I should "test it out" which I of course, gladly helped assist.

Due to it being so quiet in Melty (being early on a weekday evening), I was able to blabber away with the bar owner N-san and her co-worker. We all friended each other on Facebook too! I really adore the staff here, they have this similar "scent" about them as with me (i.e. love for the cute, weird and whacky) and I really enjoy the atmosphere as well as the selection of sweet drinks, cocktails, ice-creams and doughnuts. I've officially labelled it as "my bar", eheh.


  1. I want to go to Melty~~~ I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do love me some ice cream...and they actually serve alcohol?? PERFECT COMBO!

  2. If you ever come to Japan and Hokkaido, I would gladly take you! :D