I wish I didn't like things that involves spending money.

Last S-s-saturday.
01. 02.
03. 04.

01. As I've realised just how bad gel nails are for your nails, and due to my nails cracking all over the place after taking a break from them, I've begun to resort to oldschool fake nails. It's actually kind of better for me, as I love nail designs that are over the top, and these ones I found online were awesome. They have stuck on chains on them! The best thing about ordering these nails online is that you can choose the size, length and shape of the nails so that they fit your natural nails better, and are therefore less likely to come off.

02. Soup Curry again. At my favourite "Samurai Curry". Had a "samurai special" this time. They let you have 2 extra toppings of veg during August. Makes me want to go back some time this month and make the most of that!

03. Getting my toenails. One of the reasons I love and have begun to attend this nail salon (I'd been dotting myself around) is because the salon ladies bring their adorable pet dogs, ahaha. I'm a cat person, but this chihuauhua has stolen my heart with its ugly Alien face, haha. Look at him lying on his back to have his belly rubbed as I have my feet in the foot-bath! Though, the service here is good in general, and I've been pleased with what they've done with my toenails so far. Also, in contradiction to what I said earlier, I had gel nails done for my toes. My toenails are just too weak and ugly to have them only painted (I have bruises from where I was klutz and smacked my foot on corners of edges and things).

04. I went to that Gothic/Cosplay event in the end. I changed into my most hardcore lolita outfit in what has been a while. I need to make a separate, more detailed post on that rather interesting event...

05. Back at Melty. Love the staff, love the atmosphere, love the drinks and ice-cream sundaes as always <3

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