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I'm Narise, an alias I made up by playing around with the sounds of my middle name. It seems to be a real girl's name, though. I've had stupid web aliases which I thought were cool in the past and decided to go back to using my real name for a long while but thought I'd play it safe, though those who know me will find me easily as I've pasted up pictures of my face.

I look Asian. Fully Asian to most, but my huge height of 178cm (about 5'11) makes some think otherwise. That would be because my mother is Japanese and my father is White British (although ironically I look nothing like my mum and very similar to my dad).
I was born and bred in England, though thanks to the efforts of my wonderful mum, I'm able to speak Japanese quite fluently as my second language. I'd been lucky with a number of visits to Japan to see family, and at the age of 22 I began to work here. My first work contract decided my allocation, and I found myself in the winter wonderland of Northern Japan; Hokkaido.
I find myself living here for almost 5 years, and after some job changes and moving around, I am currently residing in Sapporo, working full time as a researcher and translator in the television business with a part time job as a wedding singer.

As of May 2014, I am "pro-ethical girl", aiming to live as ethically as possible. You can read more on how that came about here.

blah. blah. blah.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, fashion & beauty, site creation & design, blogging, eating, going out to restaurants & cafes, nights out, sleeping, travelling
Languages spoken: English, Japanese, a tincy-wincy bit of French
Instruments: Vocals, violin (no longer playing), attempting bass guitar (in slow process)

love. love. love.

Animal: Cats
Colours: Pink, black, purple
Music Genres: All kinds of rock (from Visual-kei to the Oldies), as well as some Dance, Pop, J-pop & K-pop, Musicals, R'n'B, Electro and Jazz.
Musicians: The Beatles,  In this MomentMUCCNo Doubt, Shiina RingoYeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.
Fashion brands: Currently finding my style through Ethical Fashion brands and second hand clothing, I like a variety of styles but I do tend to lean towards casual, street and rock chic.
Characters: Gloomy bear, KumamonSentimental Circus etc.
Animes & Manga: Akazukin (Redhood) Cha Cha, DRRRR!, Gintama, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Ouran High School Host Club
Topics: History (especially the Victorian period), health & beauty

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E-mail: utaitemyouri {at}
I dare you spam to me...

Not much to see here yet, though...

Ethical Blog: A Cup of Ethicalism
A blog focusing on my healthier, ethical lifestyle, such as the food and beauty products I use.

Photo Blog: My Pegasus Sky
My photo-based blog, with some slightly nicer looking pictures of travels, fashion or a random day in my life.

Tumblr: Sex, Ethics and Rock'n'Roll
I basically post the same content as my instagram, with lots or reposts of things I like or am inspired by.

Pinterest: chipsnsoysauce
Twitter: @chipsnsoysauce
Japanese Twitter: @utaitemyouri

My recent fashion sets at the ever-so-addicting Polyvore.