A lazy Sunday with the family

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My poor middle brother was exhausted from walking around on crutches all day (he'd sprained his ankle about a month ago) on Saturday (literally - he didn't get out of bed until late afternoon, but that may have to do with his early 20s boyhood), so we spent a quiet day in yesterday, although I really wanted to take them to my favourite Soup Curry restaurant, so my mum, who had rented out a car for the days we were out, drove us out there. Meant my brother didn't have to walk about too much.

01. Soup Curry at Samurai Curry - my second time there, and still probably by far one of my favourites. Had cheeze on my rice this time, yum!

02. On the drive back my mum suggested we buy an early birthday cake for me, and had bought adorable birthday candles from the U.K.

03. I chose a chocolate & vanilla ice-cream cake, naturally. From 'Chateraise'; a cake, sweets, ice-cream & general sweets goodies store nearby.

04. My youngest brother being....my youngest brother.


  1. all these new posts!! are you going to be blogging again?? i hope soooo

  2. Sidney sweetie, thank you for the comment. It meant a lot that someone out there actually reads this mess of a Blog. I shall hopefully get back into blogging again, yes :)