A personal blog of my daily rambles and lifestyle in the city of Sapporo, in Hokkaido, the Northern island of Japan. It's an on and off blog that I've been adding to for over 5 years. Nothing particularly fancy or interesting, unless you are out of Japan and wonder what it would be like to live here as a foreigner, although my situation is slightly different due to my family background.

I will also write about culture shocks, work (currently working in the translation field and singing at weddings), my hobbies and how I am aiming to live a healthy but enjoyable life. I am also chasing a few dreams, which I may update about on here as well.


The meaning behind the bizarre name of this site? Well, to break it down; fish'n'chips = Traditional British food. Soysauce (shouyuu) = main ingredient for most Japanese dishes. Mix them up together, and you get - me. If you extend your imagination a little. Also, soysauce happens to go very well with fish'n'chips. Credits go to my Japanese mother who has lived in England for over 20 years for introducing it to me. I highly recommend it though ;)