Originally a personal blog of my daily rambles, but now focusing on trying to be more pro-active ethically in the city of Sapporo, in Hokkaido, i.e. Northern Japan.
Here I will update about how and what I "splash me dough" on, including food, beauty and fashion which are mostly organic, fair trade and aren't tested on animals.

I will also write about culture shocks, work (currently teaching children and singing at weddings), my hobbies and how I am aiming to live a healthy but enjoyable life, and to reach my goal for my body and skin condition. I am also chasing a few dreams, which I may update about on here as well.


The meaning behind the bizarre name of this site? Well, to break it down; fish'n'chips = Traditional British food. Soysauce (shouyuu) = main ingredient for most Japanese dishes. Mix them up together, and you get - me. If you extend your imagination a little. Also, soysauce happens to go very well with fish'n'chips. Credits go to my Japanese mother who has lived in England for over 20 years for introducing it to me. I highly recommend it though ;)