Body Changes lead to Morphing Powers.

It never stops.

If you happen to follow my Twitter or read my Facebook statuses you'll know that these past few weeks have consisted of emo cries that my body is basically breaking down.

Pink eye is still pink, somewhat, but on the healing process train; a British one probably, as it's super slow and not "on time" in terms of getting better (I think it should've been gone in about a week). However, on top of that, last Tuesday evening I noticed unusual blotches of what looked like red spots all over my chest and back, going down the sides of my body. Thinking theoretically that it was due to inhaling numerous pieces of KFC and Baskin & Robbins ice-cream the evening before for my apartment-buddy's birthday dinner, I left it for the moment.
However, Thursday morning my eyes had swelled up again, and as my skin was still in this unusual state my mind raced to allergic reaction. A visit to the hospital told me that my eyes had simply made a swelling comeback and looks like it would take longer for them to heal, and the dermatologist told me my skin had nothing to do it with it. I asked the Eye Doctor (unsure if the reference of Optician would be correct here) if it was an allergy and she said that due to there being "lumps on the inside of my eyelid" there was a possibility that it could be an allergy. But of course, she gave no definite answer as to what the cause was (I downright told her "I think it's conjunctivitis, ACTUALLY" to which she nodded inexpressively).
As to my skin, the Dermatologist was much more to the point. He was able to explain to me in English what I had (though he wrote it down on a piece of paper while he spoke in Japanese) so bonus points to him for that. However, after examining my strange outburst he wrote down the following;

"pityriasis rosea Gibert"
My reaction: ".... (I'M GONNA DIE)"

Having never heard of such an illness and just the fancy naming automatically sent panic alarms off in my head, however, the doctor assured me that this was apparently quite common in young people in their teens till their late twenties. The cause is unknown, and can happen to anyone, but the bad thing was that treatment is also "unknown"and you jhave to wait for it to naturally heal, which he told me could take up to 2~3 months. That was the part that made me almost want to cry. Being the vanity queen I am, especially over my skin and especially after having so much skin trouble 2 years ago (an outburst of spots on my face which lasted for 6 months, for which I never found out the cause), despite the fact that I would be healthy and in working order otherwise. He said that due to having to wait for it to heal over time, "what would I like to do?" The thought of not having anything or doing anything to fix it seemed wrong in my doctors-should-make-you-better frame of mind, so I asked if there was any creams I could use, to which he answered there was, but it was moreso to lessen the redness and to prevent itching, which can sometimes happen. I jumped on it.

Determined that there had to be something I could do to speed up the healing process, and for more answers in general, I wiki-ed it up when I got back. It pretty much echoed what the doctor said.
Still, I am grateful that it only appears in areas which I can keep hidden, and not on my face, legs and arms. I have a few spots down my arms that have "spilled over", but they're quite faint and barely visible. In fact, the spots themselves all over my body are not that bad. They're not like acne, they look moreso like red, faint spots and from a distance you wouldn't even notice. Also, these past few days I've noticed that the spots around my chest have almost disappeared, and they are now mostly down my stomach and the sides of my waist. Considering the doctor said that it was likely for it to get worse I think I've done pretty well, and I really shouldn't complain. I just need to be patient...though it would be nice if they disappeared in a month rather than 2.

On the other hand, my eyes are almost better; un-noticeable but still slightly swollen as it still hurts when I touch the area around my eye, and still a little bloodshot. But the biggest news is... I NOW HAVE DOUBLE / CREASED EYELIDS!! I've had no plastic surgery or used all those funky tools they sell to glue the seam in your eyelids in Japan, they've come about naturally. I think it's from having swollen eyelids for so long. But, I find that in the morning when I wake up, I'm back to mono-lids, then in the afternoon I'm back to double-eyelids again. It appears that the crease forms as the day goes by. Guess it's kinda cool that I have a morphing face. Hmmm, maybe I could try to somehow control this power to morph into a bunch of random things. Like a CHAIR. I should start researching into Spy positions that are opening.

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