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Ahem, I'm not doing a great job at keeping up to date, am I?

February is cold.
People here in my town had warned me that the 2nd month of the year would be the coldest, but I didn't realise that temperatures would drop this much! And yet, at the same time, they say winter is "nearly over"...but apparently there's still some snow around till April. How is that "nearly over"?!
In saying that, I haven't got fed up of the snow yet. I never really loved the idea of it in the first place - I never really understood why back in England people got so excited when white stuff started to sprinkle from the sky. I used to get excited when I was younger, yes, but now, it's no big deal. It's not that I hate it; Biei is absolutely beautiful in snow, but I find myself smiling when the sun is out.
Although, that's what I do love about it here - the sun EXISTS!!! It really does lift my spirits when I wake up in the morning and golden rays are shining through the window; I go to work in a much happier mood
I think I've pretty much got used to having the snow around. But I really am looking forward to the summer. Hokkaido in the summer was gorgeous - especially where I live! And it means I get to eat my favourite SOFT WHIPPED ICE-CREAM ♥ ...not great news for my figure, however

As February is the coldest time of the year, it is also a month of "Snow Festivals" in Hokkaido. There was one in the city near me, and then there was the main, big one in Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido. I went to both, and I really did enjoy them. Basically, experts, not just from Japan, sculpt characters and figures out of snow and ice and put them up on display (more info here). Some of the work was stunning. I should get some photos up on this blog, if I can be bothered to move my arse

Another note to February; t'was the day of luuurve on the 14th.
And guess what? I'm so popular with Senior/Junior High (中学) girls. They all love me, haha
In Japan, Valentine's Day is seen as a day for girls to make their own chocolates or bake their own cakes and give them as presents to boys, thanks to the advertising of chocolate companies and their money-making techniques. It's seen as a day when the girl finally tells her crush that she fancies him along with some chocolates she spent all night making, d'aww. (-_-) Nowadays, that doesn't happen much, as there are such things as "tomo-choco (友チョコ)" where the girls give their friends including girls chocolates, and "giri-hoco (ギリチョコ)" where girls give boys they have no interest in but decided to give them something just so they don't feel left out. Japan amuses me.
Anyway, I got about...6 gifts from 2 schools I go to. It was very sweet of the students to do so. I mean, yes, they were giving gifts to other teachers, but for them to consider giving something to me, when I only work part-time at different schools and don't help out in all of their lessons, was really kind of them. I was so surprised because some students I've only ever taught once or twice even gave me things! I must make a wonderful impression in even the shortest of times. :P

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